Home life is hard.

Especially when you disregard, the topic of discussion which is to be united with the family yet, still be independent and finally be happy for each other.

I see how we live and it’s not so great, I hate to think about how we penetrate each other’s fates.

From my mom to my dad I thought we we’re happy until I found out we only just touched glad.

My sister having issues again and she real close to me so I had to have tissues in my other hand man.

It’s sad when family can’t get along; were suppose to band together and stay strong.

Cousins come and go immediate family knows, so I stay on lets go and let them others just go.

No point in mishandling situations, don’t make it worse than the manipulations, that comes along and tries to bring everyone down to a bomb and never stay strong.

Strong? That’s the word that keeps it tight, family and strength is the unified right.

Stand up for your beliefs.

Stay strong for the family that treats everybody as one.

We all powerful when we stick together like the all-powerful sun.

We won, never done, always running for the top, keeping it together like a home on the block.

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