Future of You

What does our future hold?

Can’t be dumb founded, and can’t be told.

We old now, still young but got to stack up on credentials before we go out on a run and say what up to all those who are watching us run, for the top,

I keep it clean with my mop.

Dreams and fending for more of what I desire the best way is to do it, with my inner mind, motivation required.

I want to feel invincible and feel like I got a lot of trills waiting for me once I open up my skills

And use them for my achievements, advancements and keep it like enhancements.

I can’t let no body hold me back including myself for that fact.

So, I get in that mindset, to watch myself win these sets and hit aces like I been getting Nadal’s cases.

Shit, fed got nothing on me, I’m a win 20 titles before I see myself under a tree.

Got to hold my head up and keep pushing through, everybody looking at you but pay no mind, only thing to do is stay on your grind dude.

Job, education, hustle, anything you want to do requires a little bit of muscle.

Don’t take rejection to heavy, more times that shit will feel like a levy

But seek your inner strength and pull out that shit that makes you believe you got incredible strength.

It’s all about your own will, don’t look at a smith.

Feel like you’ve been handling yours since you seen fifth.

Ever since 5 years old, you’ve been told what to do, but now that ball has been dropping on you.

And you need to hold tight, walking on a tight rope like a balancing act, think twice.

Hope for the best, expect the worse, but push for your thirst and don’t pay mind to your inevitable Hurst.

But burst outta this slump, maybe, just maybe take a dump all over these haters, you’ve been doing good things since you groomed your own flavor.

Continue on your vicious path; don’t let the bloody stains hold you back

And understand shit will come back; right around, like what goes up must come down

But don’t frown, smile and go, just know you yourself gotta believe you can always achieve by running on the go.

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