Happiness causes stress relief on the very people who let them-selves feel this peace and let them win over defeat.

It’s going be a show, kind of discreet, still showing them haters the heels of my feet.

They behind in this race, trying to catch up to me is like the coyote trying to catch up the road runner in this place.

Turn around the sorrow and relive the days that kept you feeling at ease with the thing that are harmonious in life and never feeling like your happiness is borrowed.

Don’t think of the past, think about the now and future your days are going by fast.

Staying in the past makes things weary and you’ll never get away from these things, they turn scary.

And over thinking situations causes ruckus, ruining ships causes many to feel confused and shit.

Things back then should be left back then and not let it move forward with you or else you’re going to strain your days or whoever you’re trying to pursue.

It can be misconstrued; a new life is every day.

The man in mirror is showing how you live today.

Look at the present as if it’s a gift, god sent down the angels and gave you a kiss.

Blessed to be around and whoever is with you in happiness bring you up not down.

However, the past ruins the future if you let it, don’t bring shit forward until you found peace that you dead it.

It’s gone never coming back, no point in thinking how or if it will ever come back.

Enjoy with the one your with and leave the past behind you as if I didn’t make a difference with your more recent shit.

Love, care, emotion, emphasizing these things, sometimes causes commotion and misfortune.

If you have the world in front of you, don’t bring forward something that will come over you.

It’s good to sorrow but better to find peace in the days that are tomorrow.

Especially with who your with cause let’s be honest, life’s a bitch.

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