Doubt that accompanies fear.

While you don’t understand there are many who stand up as one band and shut down here.

Nervous is what’s coming back and you can’t move fast.

Your last, that’s just the past time.

I see the struggle and that’s my last sign.

I can’t get to that place with some much on the damn line.

Every day is a grind.

Achievements go far beyond my gaze and so I reach within deep and come out a simplistic phase.

Realistic with a hint of craze.

Passionate about the fix I get from this and I still reach for more.

Not greedy but worth the work I stand with two feet and no body mind or soul can get me to my knees.

As long as every breath within, is a burning desire to fire like a dragons sneeze.

Freeze up or heat the ground, move like your walking on hot coals and get those rounds.

Sounds wave and sonar hits

As the awareness rises and perks up like tips.

No flipping off but high thumbs and the positively persists

The secret is out, let’s not reminisce.


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