Lately I’ve been aware that all the shit I seen makes me beware in the open air that life’s a game, so let’s all share through this open lane.

And not understanding this open stain.

Everyone can see the jealousy in the eyes of the ones who aren’t wise and can’t be unveiled.

Satisfied tails that make you the center of attention and make you want to bail.

Despite this feeling, emotions are stealing, can be controlled start of the healing process.

But minds are fragile, infinite thinking stretched for a while and can’t be stopped or tamed in the wild.

Envy, struggles are empty, looking lost like a child in the mall looking for his parents but can’t see them at all.

And that’s how it begins; recognize the feeling long before it ascends into the sky, fleeing without saying bye.

Take advantage, look at the information, take a different vacation, it’s a new sensation.

Move past the jealousy, looking at the entirety of this economy and push for what you want.

And develop your need through this open go and let it be known, blown and figured out.

The shit you get from this will emerge as the best way out.

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