The Sermon

Sitting on the window ledge, staring at the sky.

Heavens not too far away yet many sink and despise.

I rise, full glare in my eyes.

Can’t stop thinking what a waits that’s wise.

No prize will hold me back; I cater to one above all in disguise, no traps.

He that watches over encourages with support.

Life lessons gains and unconditional gestures like body language and things of that sort.

Hands held together radiating light, filled with so much emotion, ready for war crying out with all my might.

No shadow box, all clear there, nothing to fear once God steps in here.

We all win once heaven opens up for those who commit, wings.

Things of that nature, and god is the creator so feel the aura or euphoric for this savior.

The greater good, some will bow their head and think misunderstood, yet those who keep it up gain and reach sane.

Life is good.


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