What’s life all about?

Is it going to work then coming home, straying about?

Or is it that were worrying to pay the next bill or planning it out?

But are we really living or just getting by?

You be the judge, I’ll wait till you reply.

I’m this guy, the one who works for a living not the other way around as many turn, wave and say goodbye.

So many sights and sounds so many verbs and nouns.

I try not to clown but life is short so laugh it up till you stomach aches as you hold your side with tears rolling down your eyes.

It’s the good kind.

Wine and cheese; imagine sitting by the Eiffel Tower enjoying a light breeze.

Simply put, there’s much to see.

Why live to work when there’s so much adventure for you to run and be.

Work to live and your days will become that much less of a freeze.


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