Staying Connected

Found the entrance that heaven sent, searched all about till I hit my arrogance.

Love the path; I’m living it.

The rise to the top, not stopping it.

Dropping it?

Never heard the phrase since, I bought that whole, no lay aways.

New move is to go clean, less fiending.

Distract my mind from the bad habits that keep getting opened up like seams.

Dreams and desires to keep on this stream.

Swimming to the deep end with the motion of floating on top is the goal for eternity.

Challengers presented as gifts.

Don’t be distracted from the skills that drift from person to person.

Your strength is in your individuality.

But manage those expectations as that alone can cause severe limitations.

Preparation is key, chest out chin high like the mindset is beyond belief.

We’re connected to the world, individually we’re monster.

We’ve got potential for anything we feel for, just as long as we feel for it.

Don’t let it be misconstrued.

The achievements we plan to reach don’t even hit the highest peak that we currently seek.

Realistic goals push through for what we know and step out of our comfort zone, grown.

Let us come home and believe ourselves, as long as we got this wealth and our health.

Discover the thrills, wander the hills and seek the blissful places that are necessary stills of life.

They shape the way you think at night and help you develop your hopeful life.

Strike, no pins, we’ve been handling many things since school began.

This the game plan; the sport of life doesn’t give free bees.

We need to come out as one and win like were only the 6th seed.

Rising to the top, be free but conquering all Kings, they do bleed.

Don’t get discouraged by the slips and cracks, I fell myself countless times, but I still bounced back.

Don’t react as if you’re under the helm of a whip for that,

Have as much passion as Christ while getting hit, no splat.

Check hazards, we have hard hats.

Listen to the cats that speak recklessly, aristocrats.

No diplomat but a hell raiser.

Keep slicing away, no razor.

Stay motivated; dedicated with hard work.

You are your own savior.

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