Virus the Poet Quotes

I think of you every time it rains. No delays, just haze in the wind and your name is heard in the lightening as it sings…


Looking into your eyes and seeing our world. Imaging waking up with a twinkle in a swirl We share emotions and thoughts Linger around each other followed with a knot. Hot, steamy & one a kind. Finding each other was as simple as seeing a star ready to fly Impossible but we found our stride,…


Dear Friend, I am thrilled to announce that POETRY IS MOTION: MIND, BODY & SOUL, my first official book, is now available for purchase! The book explores the interconnectedness of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations and is a powerful work of art that will leave a lasting impact on readers.To order your copy of  POETRY IS…

I’ll Never

I’ll never forget your Name. I’ll never forget you Face. I’ll never forget your Grace. I’ll never forget the place you held in my heart. You are forever enshrined as the one who took the race and never looked back.


This is for all those misunderstood.  Trust me, you’re good.   Don’t mind those that throw you into a pigeon hole.   We should never fold who we are and be as much as we can.   Constantly reflecting on our very thoughts just cause it came off as too much.   It’s never too…

Virus the Poet Quotes

It’s not whats in front of you. It’s whats beyond that…


Make some time for me. Let me breathe easy. Jeez, this could be a frenzy. I have to be in your presence, no presents. Your enough for me.


We went from agony to ecstasy.  Flying through vivid dreams.  Focusing on the spirals of our vastness We are classic in our own right.  We fight but get knocked down constantly.  Your reaction is the trigger for quiet possibly the greatest move you never made.  We all pay for our sins but have hope like…


It’s crazy how much of us get talked out of something we want to do so bad. Just because there are influences from all around us that think were crazy or sad. They believe that we lost our way and were going just as mad as Kanye West through his Twitter rants. But he’s got…

Virus the Poet Quotes

How many of you are at jobs you don’t like? How many of you are in relationships that don’t suffice? You control your own destiny. So fight for YOUR life!!!

Laying Dormant

This is all a science. Out here thinking about the Mayans Calendars dictating the schedules like reliance. I am trying. Do you hear me? We are all trying to be more than we are currently, at least some of us. We are the bar and raised as high you want to believe you are. You…

Virus the Poet Quotes

What happens when you allow your mind to get away from you? You get caught in a zone that takes advantage of you. Focus.

Virus the Poet Quotes

“I’ve had to check myself. I thought I was protecting myself. But little did I know, I was just affecting everybody else.”

Mamba Vision

Fight for what is right regardless of the struggle. We know the stakes. That’s why fighting through, helps us achieve figuring out our puzzle. We shield ourselves from the dark forces by creating a lane for light. Lightning fast strikes. Forget the hype. Positivity leads the way like the righteous type. Prove us wrong. By…

Soak It In

Let your mind fantasize! Daydream as much as possible. Creative like the right side of your brain beyond logical. Ingulf yourself in the artistic wonders of the world. From Music to Art to Poetry and so forth. Get past your comfort zone and expand further. Don’t let the lurkers suck the life out of you….

Virus the Poet Quotes

Fear, worry & doubt cause the drought in which happiness and success cannot be obtained unless you overcome these obstacles.

An Introspective Thought

One Two

I’ve taken 1, 2 many L’s as of late. But disregard the built up hate. Laugh in the face of those who domesticated your pain. This isn’t for the weak at heart. We are not the same. I am drawn with strong arms and a solid mind state. Never accustomed to your daily routines. Our…

Virus the Poet Quotes

All you can do is gaze and wonder why. Why the betrayal? Why did it fail? Simple as can be, you lost sight and had to read braille. You didn’t want to converse on good terms so that was the reason we went stale. – Excerpt from the Poem, “Price”

Virus the Poet Quotes

“I just want to Hold, Hug, Kiss & Caress YOU.”