This is for all those misunderstood. 

Trust me, you’re good.  

Don’t mind those that throw you into a pigeon hole.  

We should never fold who we are and be as much as we can.  

Constantly reflecting on our very thoughts just cause it came off as too much.  

It’s never too much if you’re around the right people.  

You make your own sequels and only you know the prequels that they are not privy too.  

It’s a feeling of shame, regret and misery.  

We are the visionaries that had comfort but got pushed aside.  

I paid for my sins and should not have to be held onto the past mistakes. 

I never hate, only try to realize and segregate those I can be around and those that are not worthy.  

It’s on you to decide, trust me, and do it early.  

And for those that are constantly misunderstood, just know you are not alone.  

Let’s chop it up, talk it through for only you know how much you can deal with when it comes to being, misunderstood. 

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