Mamba Vision

Fight for what is right regardless of the struggle.

We know the stakes.

That’s why fighting through, helps us achieve figuring out our puzzle.

We shield ourselves from the dark forces by creating a lane for light.

Lightning fast strikes.

Forget the hype.

Positivity leads the way like the righteous type.

Prove us wrong.

By the time we get wind, we grew too strong.

An immovable objective.

Unstoppable motive.

This is not corrosive, it’s a healing factor.

Nuclear hazards, we are the reactors.

Let’s punch in, never looking back.

Our sites are held high, positioning our angle of attack.

When we think all hope is lost, we see an inside track.

A path carved out or better yet, the one we create.

When all else fails, we rise and demonstrate.

We have the Mamba mentality, lets dominate.

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