Motivated with aspirations.

Never clueless only clued in, no moderation.

Perspectives inspired by new foundations.

No reservations but the misled need to be fed.

The helplessness is transparent, this is apparent.

All, that’s needed to be said,

However, to those that think they’re too clever,

There’s more than meets the eye, far from never.

The land where positivity runs free and the pessimistic mindsets get tapped through speed.

Planted seeds that grow an inch then die through freeze

Please, do not bend your curiosity.

Enlarge your ideology to a place where hesitation is lost at sea.

Define that strength that moves mountains as big as the Himalayas and flies through space like the rockets see.

This is creed, passion and heart overcoming all odds of defeat.

Sheer strength in the person you see in the mirror as those eyes glare signs of no fear.

Channel that inner tiger, lion or cub.

Regardless of the size, you can lift more than a shrub.

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