Waking up every day motivated, starting the jump in a great way.

Mind made, no decision is grey.

Spot on like the centerpiece riding into the sunset like it was a good day.

Cube in spot, a cold beverage not hot.

Living fast ready to press go, not finishing last.

Haul ass.

The goals and plans scripted for your reference that needs to be pushed pass.

New way of living, I’m reborn.

New transition like ambition is formed.

Every day you got a list of things to do.

By smiling waking up, only gets you on the move.

Prowl till I get my tools and use them to get to the finish line.

Completed projects exempt from school.

Handling, multitasking at unimaginable feats.

Created to eat not stress to beat but laying it down like a religious greet.

Carrying on at speeds rivaling Santa, no reindeer like Rudolph with the red nose needed to steer.

Fear has escaped me.

I’m left with the right mindset, that’s courage, it’s shaped free.

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