Covid Blues

We woke up in the wake of panic.

Far from fantastic, it became more and more drastic.

The elastic was stretched way too far and now we cannot repair the damage we created.

Let’s take a seat in our homes and follow through on the words brewed up by the powers that be.

We have been grounded; can you not see?

We have bled the earth deep and now our freedom entails us to be held captive.

We can now understand how animals feel in a zoo.

Though this may feel as if doomsday has arrived.

We can relish knowing we are trying our very best to keep the virus on the outside.

Let us try to maintain the space to cause distain on the very process that allows it to survive.

We need to Stop, Think & Proceed.

Don’t carry yourself with foolish pride.

We can also be infected, don’t neglect for a second that you are immune to the threshold.

I was told once, we only set our selves up for success and failure.

Don’t let this be the way we are taken out.

Biological warfare to paint the picture rare.

Its fair but far from over.

We have what it takes to kill, it called, Hysteria.

Be Safe, Stay Home!!!

A Message from Virus the Poet

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