It’s okay to be different, you are not alone

We all ban together like thorns on a rose

As we rise and push the bullies back like Ms. Trunchbull without the horns.

We rise, don’t patronize, no clones.

Were different, unique as the finger prints you use to scan and get into your phone.

Let me remind you, you are not alone,

We’ve been pushed aside but our mind has made up more than what’s critical.

This is a pleasure to speak to all you, unique individuals.

Each story has a journey that we could never imagine, no distractions;

We’ve made our way through the red woods across the bridge and still riding out up until and beyond this day.

See, we all have powers far beyond our gaze, no running around through a maze

We’ve propelled higher by being a leader in our own right,

Don’t be a follower, start trends like Silicon Valley drone fights.

I see the light and it’s brighter than ever

We shine together but jump to the beat of our drum

Num is the feeling when you hear critics go on and on.

Got to invest in yourself.

If you won’t, don’t expect anyone else to.

It’s crucial that you refute down play.

Many people you meet through all walks of life will leave imprints in some way.

Some will discourage, others will give hope.

But the mindset should be stuck afloat.

No gloat, start, no stroke.

The heart pumps blood that goes for miles.

Let’s get back to these files.

It won’t do you any good if it’s lost like you can’t cope.

Find your passion and get your fix, no smack dealer can insist.

This is a reality check you can’t cash in.

It’s a long term investment like property wins.

Less glamorous, more intricate, it’s different.

The interest will rise as the stock dividends pay out.

The rates you get will determine how you continue to lay route.

Focus well.

Set yourself up for retirement before you decide to dwell.

Sell your dreams to yourself and believe.

Only then will you, succeed.

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