Family Man

The feeling was intense.

I squeezed my head and thought in the past sense.

I should’ve protected myself some more.

But low and behold, the good swimmer didn’t miss her mark.

I’m here sitting waiting to fill up this empty cart.

My unstable ways have to end.

I can’t stop reminiscing on the things I wanted to send.

This is the beginning of the end.

My life is now in a different lane, listen up my friend.

Put all extras aside, focus on the star that is seen within your eyes.

My little twinkle toes has no foe, only a father that is proud to have a daughter.

I control this household. The man stands up for his family to eat.

Kick start from the mark that gets settle with no defeat.

The craziness is parted once my other half smirked, no streak.

No leaks here, I fuel this fire to burn everywhere as I become a different man and all my goals are zoned into one thing.

I am a family man.

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