In Memoriam

Death waits for no one and serves his time.

As if one last breath could be heard like a chime.

The cries could be heard miles away.

Today, is a new day.

Do not cry uncontrollably at the fact that he or she is gone.

But celebrate their life that was filled with so much.

They will be again, just in a new form.

Smiling down on you and watching over.

The soul will never be lost, just their body has been covered over.

Think about the good times you’ve shared.

Playing every memory in your mind like a projector.

Sitting down staring into the distant air into a sector.

Only you can see your relationship goes deeper.

Those thoughts are beyond a keeper.

Just know you have tried your very hardest and they appreciated you more than you’ll ever know.

May they Rest in Peace and protect your soul.

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