One Time Friends & One Time Friends Narration

Thought it was clear back in the days when as a child we did everything in infinite ways.

How foolish I was to think it would last till today.

Things change, people turn, 180 and then I urn.

Cringing at my poor foresight.

Forgetting to weather the calm like everything was alright.

Bright, not what I am.

I thought I had real friends, until I decided to stay silent for more then I really can.

Then I saw the sad truth, the people you held down forget u.

Step 2, push past or stand up, let your thoughts be heard not bagged up.

Or else, that top will pop as you cram up.

Listen to the words, so they don’t get jammed up.

Little circles or bigger ones, you decide where you’re from.

But keep in mind, the line to get to the one you really share your time with son.

But they side eye you like they don’t know what you’ve gone through or what’s going on.

How can they be helpful when they’re the ones holding you from achieving stars beyond?

Keep the truth and understand my focused game it’s a ferocious thing.

Truth be told, I’ve grown kind of old, but still young and feel the pain this deep from the go on the run.

On to the next one as you try to forget but certain memories will never fade like burns from a cigarette.

No shade, reenergize and make sure your next move electrifies or rides out slow.

Never dipping down like salsa and chips below.

No flips, strive till you arrive to your main ship whether it be colossal or coastal.

Don’t hesitate; it’s going to get emotional.

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