Woke up on Mount McKay.

Over looked the cliff and saw what I thought was a maze but was the city landscape.

Memorized by the site, I took a deep breath and left.

Couldn’t believe what I witnessed beyond a few dozen that were committed.

As the river stream runs downward, I dive in a spiral thinking about my many rivals that fuel this Bon fire.

No desire but was challenged by the hikers who did not drift.

No phones, just you and nature.

 Look within yourself to climb and hook like hangers.

Forget the dirt to get through.

Withstand the barrage of rocks falling down towards you.

Your mission is to fight through and defeat the climb that has at many times, defeated you.

A billion stars looking like diamonds in the night sky at the top of that peak.

Wake that sleeping giant by making a gigantic shift and leap.

Shaking the ground like an earthquake sneak.

Once that obstacle has been overtaken, no more leaks.

The rise to the top is the one which we will all, need to reach.


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