Slim Pickings

Walked in the building and scanned the room.

Walked around until I saw the star I needed to consume.

That perfume got my mind confused but needed to slide up in that like water and booze.

Curly hair and lushes lips.

The sweet glaze casted over made that juice drip.

No spit but the lick.

Kept my mind spinning as if my car just had to drift.

Night cut short was terrible.

Couldn’t stand not being able to see this beauty, not getting hysterical.

For the minimal time that was shared, the eye stare was enough for me to go back and forth until I got another shot, it’s only fair.

Finding that connection is rare but when it’s there, it’s there.

One day again we will be intertwined and the opportunity won’t be missed like,

That kiss is mine.

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