So Long

See you later my dear.

You wanted a fair farewell but didn’t get to me in time.

Yet you messaged me here on this phone as a text.

A disconnect is correct.

We went from friends to lovers back to what it was without regret.

Wait for a sec and realize what we had was true until you turned your back.

And eventually my memories were the only ones I had to turn to.

But if that’s true, was what we had real?

I mean, I figured a ride or die would do anything else but peal.

But it happened and you sealed the deal.

The feelings were deep even as they sunk they kept on repeat always tried to creep.

Up, no downs, but look at where were at now.

Maybe it’s for the best that it had to happen.

I figured I could steer myself, no co-captain.

One has to grow for a better future.

Don’t be confused by the comments that conclude my thoughts are beyond that of the assumed. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Every experience never expires but settles in your mind, comfy.

Learn from this and proceed.

The triumphs come from those who want to succeed but hand and hand need to rise as someone in need.

If it’s not working, separate.

No pessimistic thought equates just being realistic as evolution resonates.

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