Trials & Tribulations

Trials and tribulations.

It’s the very thing that gets peoples perspectives in different situations.

Attention is key, observation is free.

Stop and scan it’s the only way you’re going to know if you can attain then.

Plan for the worst and expect it.

Until then you can never get settled, can’t regret it.

Select it, no DJ but spinning records for the record is freebase.


Why not go for your dreams?

Take that risk that you wanted to before all those bills started piling up like leaves.

Manage and budget, be wise.

Don’t splurge when it’s not necessary to feel the hit if it doesn’t work out perfectly like a well fitted clip.

Smarten up and work those punches.

Don’t get caught sleeping as the rest get fit doing crunches.

These are the thoughts of ones that have heart.

Blood, sweat and tears overcoming all fears.

Take chances, make mistakes and for god sake’s,

Manage high stakes.

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