You can never be too motivated.

Others around might try to stiffen your engagement.

This is where patience becomes practice.

No antics, just tactics.

Dumb down the semantics.

Let them be frantic.

This is gigantic thinking, no sinking, we stay swimming.

Treading above water as they keep skimming.

We are scheming, trying to develop context from the nonsense that gets thrown our way

But forget what you heard, smile and pray.

Your days are brighter than the Sun staring back at you miles away.

Sit back, relax and kick your feet up.

Your treat is watching them hit your wall that’s stronger then concrete.

Watch them in the rear-view, far from the backseat.

There specs on a sheet.

While you’re climbing with cleats, they are watching you from the bottom,

Shouting out, you’re an Elite.

It’s pretty neat.


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