I fell from grace and I landed on land.

Got up on my feet and hit the button, not to retreat.

But that’s why we are unique.

I did not let the situation control me.

I brushed off my shoulder but let it scold me.

It’s a reminder of the times that we’ve been through and the struggles that were.

We battled through the trenches and got the worst taste but yet,

We rose and faced.

It’s a reflection of how you see yourself when your motivation is misplaced.

We race for that finish line usually out of touch like space but we are forever striving.

As we tie lose ends, this is life’s shoelace.

We commemorate the time by paying homage.

It’s the acknowledgment of the 10-year challenge.

Salvage what is necessary and collect your thoughts.

Muster up your courage and continue to get across.

The bridge is the hurdle to overcome like a boss.

Your will should be hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Relish your history and clap for progress.

You are your mission.

Enjoy the process.

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