Remember those days you had as a child?

Trying to fly that kite in the daylight while, breathing in fresh air.

Thinking about nothing but playing right here.

We dreamt of going higher, perhaps flying soaring while others stare.

Those heights we wanted to reach became something of a distant memory.

To those that got told to settle down and the rest will be up to luck like winning the lottery.

We gasped at the sight of adulthood before saying it’s all good.

We were living stress free but had to grow up quick, no sesame street.

Uncle Sam, not Toucan, damn.

We wanted to strive and achieve but as a child what do you do when things stop, you grieve.

Running through the playground enjoying the sounds, no frowns.

All we felt was upbeat not to retreat but to trick was our treat as Halloween came around we suddenly got plenty to eat.

Now as days, we fight that rat race to get a seat.

Beat ourselves so bad, migraines sneak up on us like it was from the heat.


Is that why we grew up so fast?

So we can get our 9 to 5?

That’s why we had to pass that class?

It’s true, its beneficial but don’t let it over take you.

There’s much more to it and that’s the truth.

Becoming content consumes you through.

Maturity goes beyond the numbers;

It’s how one cultivates manners and growth through countless suppers.

Reaction is significant, no need for buffers.

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