On Pursuit

On a pursuit of happiness, bless me.

I try and try but doubt lingers like they’re saying forget me.

I still got to deal and now my voice something hoarse so somehow I need to find a way to get into sorts.

Hell, can’t end up there I’m already scared from the man upstairs and still lie down with a blank stare wondering how I’ll come out of this situation with no fear.

Guts, no glory all I wanted was to find peace in the days that are for me but I’ve stumbled upon barriers and obstacles to force me.

Right hand down so my strong arm weak here and now.

Too chicken to afraid of stepping out of the comfort phase.

Blaze and get your mind set with a wide grip pulling down working the lats as if I was in the gym hitting the weights back.

Wipe the tears from my eyes bust a sweat keep drinking water and reminisce not to despise but to learn from the areas of improvement from all these other guys.

Wise, men in the building waiting to shut it down.

Overcoming all odds to rise in my pursuit of happiness without lies.

Pie, not the meal look at the math and physics will tell me it’s real.

Don’t peel out like the fast and furious I’m moving past curious.

This is a confessional no flash, this is serious.

End on a high note, put on your favorite coat, go outside and walk with straight confidence it’s all dope.

Pursuit of happiness is within reach as I’ve hoped.

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