Tech Downs

No connection without the plug.

It’s sad to see what mindless seeds we all have become.

Relaying on phones and screens.

Sharing feelings through emoticons, no actual scenes.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us already.

No need to worry about that disease the new world has gotten it steady.

Since the iPhone, the globe has changed.

Making us reach further than we have imagined back in the past, it was all a phase.

We can all reach more than ever before yet do we look up as we walk towards another door

Or whoever is opening it.

Strange right?

Perhaps most of us think about the ups technology has created.

So many but can u go up to a total stranger and spark a convo or do u need to text first?

Admit it, your mind has changed.

To live in a future state rather than the present day.

I bet most of us in here have forgotten how to write.

The personal interaction is seriously lacking.

So bad, it’s like a constant slapping.

No old timer just a human being.

Forget instagram likes or facebooking

A lost for words in social circles.

Now at the dinner table it’s a treat to see who is first to put down their phone.

God damn this life is cold.

Like pencil and pads, evening typing is going to seem old.

After a while it’s going to be voice recognition to be heard and sold.


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