My Quest

I’ve loved and I’ve lost.

I came to the cross roads and looked at all the avenues.

I had to choose one, to cruise at the altitude, where I didn’t want to get bruised.

But I got hit harder than ever before.

I saw the eyes look at me and burrowed a whole in my soul.

Folded up like a lawn chair, I was stuck in the shed.

No light but cracks exposed like infrared.

Sometimes it’s harder to face reality.

When something sucks the life out of you, it’s a tragedy.

But it’s up to your mind, body and soul to overcome obstacles like Ms. Congeniality.

Move past the anxiety.

Face these issues head on and use variety.

Forget high society, think repair shop, full stop.

You will never lose when they eavesdrop.

You have their attention, they want to see more.

You have your plan in motion that is devotion, their obsession in you is secure.

Let them watch with envy, give them the grand tour.

The verdict is out, you are an entrepreneur.

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