Perfect Ruin

She was beautiful, living stress free.

That’s the way I wanted to be and that’s the girl I wanted to be with.

She’s fine in every way.

From her head to her toes, she’s well equipped every day.

But it was hard for me to muster up my courage.

I felt weak, as if I didn’t have enough porridge.

But I shook it off and approached this star.

It was my spleen that seized up like a fiend who didn’t get his fix like sheen.

It was crazy but I still spoke when I seen, how I stood there felt like a dream.

She was perfect, a beauty queen.

Opened my mouth and a blank stare, frozen.

Time stood still, as if death was in the air.

Sweating in disbelief.

She glares and perks up her eyebrow in despair.

The one chance I had and I let it slip away, rare.

God, give me some luck and let her fall into my lap, like a chair.

Excited from day dreaming, it was clear.

I was just not ready to steer.

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