No Signal

It’s not easy watching him down a few more beers.

Thinking he had enough but to him, it’s the right way to add more gears.

But what is instilled in his children are fears.

Fears that will never go away but will stick onto the body like a Tattoo that will never fade away.

Except this one, you might want to laser right away.

The pain might be worth having to never think about spoiled memories.

A time when you wished he’d put the bottle down and walk over to you and clown.

Times are tough growing up with an alcoholic

Beer after a long day turns into a full bottle.

Growing watching that made me jump in the whip and push that throttle as hard as ever.

No. stop slow down, no need for a DUI

All I need to say is who am I?

Am I similar to what he has become? Will I ever be more than a drinker for fun?

All questions, no simple answers.

I banter but linguistics’ know, this is more than simply saying, no after.

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