Don’t be afraid of failure, it helps you grow.

The passion should be fixed like no variables needed to go.

This is a continuous flow, ever going like waves in the ocean starting millions of years ago.

These are opportunities to get better over time, you will shine.

Try, try, and try some more.

You will lose once you give up and try to cushion the blow.

Embrace that set back to enforce a greater comeback.

Set your mindset past the lows.

This will be your life’s soundtrack, listen to know.

Each track gives you lessons as you will be one step closer to your goals.

Dreams that become reality, picture the show.

Overtime, you will get better, you will get stronger.

Discourage the negativity that causes vertigo.

This isn’t a game show, you’re on your stage, get the memo.

It read, move past the barriers to lift with gusto.

Lock in, load up and calibrate the ammo.

Your aim is to move past the range and hit your target that may be hidden like camo.

Is your goal to get that lambo? Is your goal to get a better handle?

Is your goal to get past your past scandals?

It can all be achieved, as long as you stay consistent amongst the resistance that wants to you to bleed.

So I plead, each failure comes with a success story, can we agree?

Your passion is the common denomination that you will need to continuously feed.

Water your seed and watch the fruits of your labour, blossom and live free.

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