Poem of the 1st

Our night, listen to the stars they radiate light.

Making us see the vision as clear as the eyes we had as a child, moving towards and winning the fight.

Peep the mind, soul so divine and freshest ever, like the first time we stole pears bike riding, no fairs.

See, we all seem to care I swear.

I don’t pay attention to negative individuals who try to down shift the journey.

Watch close while I stunt so hard, they adore me.

Me amore, don’t wait to see me on more, no lie detection; I’m straight like no simulation, its fate.

Patience is what they say, who is they as I lay.

Down for success manifesting the goals, I don’t digress.

I’m here soaking it all in, I digest.

Trying to be the best me, no pest.

I pay no mind to those who are inclined to lift weight like a plate and show no triceps.

Weak, no push through.

Focus on what’s beneficial, not official.

Forget the title, no wave necessary.

I swam in the oceans, fish cemeteries.

No ceremony for the glory, don’t wait till your 40.

Enjoy and grind as your mind uncovered your story.

Circumstances that had suddenly grew, there were just a few.

Do you want to be known for causing ruckus or hitting 2?

Perhaps you prefer brain dead work like zombies are living proof.

Food for thought.

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