Space & Beyond


The infinite stars rise, let’s think about it.

7 billion people on this plant and you think were alone?

Have you seen the avengers that are known?

There has to be more out there in the galaxies.

Far beyond our vast stare looking through a telescope like were so scared.

I would love to jump on a spaceship and fly that way

Ride that wave into the sky so high that people down here look molecular in size.

I see the lies people try to spew; it’s always the same few.

We know more about our solar system then we do of our views

Many think were the only life out here.

That’s ridiculous thinking, no grinning.

I’m shaking, being taken a back at the fact that there people in this world who got a narrow mind.

We have developed over the years, other will too.

Think about this, we are known to other planets as aliens to be consumed.

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