Couples Therapy

Insecurities build as every relationship you had, became still.

But relationship goals are still underway as millions of people, cross one another every single day.

What happens when you lose yourself to the women of your dreams?

For you get lost in the sense of the scent that was visually scene.

That admiration was as if you’re looking up at the queen but things change like an epiphany.

Sympathies and orchestras playing in your mind.

Think about the shine, smile, and laughter.

It’s clear you’re in the game, not sitting in the rafters watching things to change.

You can dictate as much as possible as long as both sides are practical or compromise not just tactical. This is rational thinking.

The concept is not preposterous when your focused on the end game, winning.

Winning? What exactly at?

Life with a spouse enjoying daily counts in your house and the feeling of, we got here together my dear.

What’s crazy about the in between, is all the things the public doesn’t see.

The arguing, grueling, nagging, and cracking.

It happens, human nature.

Not farfetched like a flying savior but the inclination for power is greater unless both understand, compassion is only 1 layer.

Multiple degrees, no separation, they say we live in the 6, I say we live and continue to lay down these bricks.

This house will not fall.

Built from the strongest resources in the words, let’s use them all.

No defeat these prayers are certainly something some cannot bare.

But the conception is fair and that would be the creation, rare.

Thus, we are here.

A beautiful time lapse of all those that got in the way, simply fade.

What matters most is why we’re standing here today.

Love and care filled emotions, even the nonsensical banter is shared through laughter.

It’s a perfect thing to see, witnessing what that’s like would be an ultimate dream.

No schemes, no slimes, just the tilt of the head followed with the twinkle in her eyes.

And now, the bite of the tip.

Lets save this for the next session, confessions of the lips.

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