Striking Lines

I’m moving in a new direction; keep your discretion and feel for inception, a new way of corrections.

Damn, misconception got me looking lost, like I fell from the sky and hit the ground soft.

Now I’m heading to my spot, dreading what a waits in my neighborhood, those are cops.

They roll around; they’re on the cities payroll so they roll around town.

But they’re blood hounds, shooting innocent people like they’re pure evil.

Real troops get in the line of fire like upheaval.

See, the fruits of our labor go unnoticed, only when something bad happens, we have the giant light flashing right down, focused.

No lotus but a green leaf, I see the politics suck the life out of those who feel their beliefs.

Race wars continuing fast, while the furious protest, the political powers never confess.

Nonetheless, city officials always try to compress those below the poverty line, like that was always the plan, no stress.

We’re still waiting patiently for this city to change, progress.

But we continually see those dark shadows, oppress.

Let us come together like a conquest and fight hard to win, overpowering congress.

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