Funny Madness

All the people I’ve met in life couldn’t be seen with all this light.

Still I fight away the darkness, scared to see what becomes of me.

Through which I need to be and need to see the opposite direction, waiting till I see the opportunity to run and see.

Understand this and remind yourself, time is of the essence and mind yourself.

To be all fine, at the same time keep in mind the personalities u come across, different from you, no, not only a few, something different from the regular individuals who you couldn’t sue.

Cause they’re right back ready for war even if you’re the type to ignore.

Cause people hate until they get a piece trying to see if they get that cake.

We seek that cash we pull out our pockets.

No money? Grab a socket, electrocute yourself, you might get money off that.

But don’t be fooled if u get pulled by a next dude with their pasts and I see those traps, I’ve been a part of that crap.

Perception is key.

After the entire struggle it still doesn’t make you free.

As long as u got that confidence to walk like you talk, critical is seen.

Some congratulate and some criticize.

The long term goal is to figure it out or improvise but don’t get mad if others can’t sympathize.

Realize what’s continuing to feed your mind from the inside.

The intellectual property within your mind should project the greatness that limitless.

Stand over the trenches and feel the heat, no cold showers, steam will stream.

What do we do in this world when things seem stale, when you need to move, not yield.

Coming out like a Spartan with 300 on their heels.

What does your legacy hold? What are you leaving behind from your story that should be told?

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