My Culture

My culture is free however, there are vultures inside that try and be.

While you try to succeed and they just suck the life out of all those who are trying to breathe.

I see the seeds and many plead but not the fifth.

They telling non-stop like a gossip column hanging on the rack waiting to get picked.

So much jealousy and envy within our own kind and I just don’t get it, we need to rewind.

Back to the times, when all we had, was our clan and pride.

See all other culture rise, as 1 unit stands above, no guns.

Wanna be gangsters and tough guys, so many things I’ve seen that I continually despise.

That’s why I strayed a bit, to get some clarity and try staying fit.

Brain exercises that made me think that I’m here standing, not going to sink.

But my observation left a bad stink, brown people hating on each other as if were all rocking pink.

Now the reservations cancelled, we can’t even sit.

What a pity, this is not what I wanted to see within our community.

We should be united but as back stabbers come, like Julius Caesar we’ve found out who really is scum.

To prideful like Leonidas but lacking 300 to charge the mount, it’s so different if one comes out and runs all others out.

It’s not the bout that makes you a man; it’s the journey and how many hands you help rise as a band.
But understand were trying to be all that we can be.

I’m helping all others on the way to top as much as I can believe.

Anything we want, we got to strive for and the culture is golden in rock form.

I fight for shattering glass ceilings regardless if it’s corporate bullshit, its fan stealing.

I mean why?

Let’s just say we need to be unified and what we need for our culture is not to be dehumanized but the pride plus growth equals hope.

Our culture needs to continue to grow and I mean brown people as a whole, understand, our culture is too bold.

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