Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you didn’t work hard to get where you are. They didn’t live your life to see you get this far. You carried yourself past the glimmer of stars to get your start. Whether school was paid for, no one handed you a job. You pursued your goals and got…


Wine Up. Slow Down. Lets rock the ground. Forget walking, dance like we’re out of town. The sounds give us life. We are as smooth as the wave as we slide, side by side. No hide and seek. This is a marrygoround. Round and round until we both get down.


Unforgettable. Not too far away. Thinking about the infinite stars and guiding days. Darkness as night but strays as she waves and I say, My, oh my, with a, hey. Relief as beautiful as the coral reef, no thief but I love to say. The mind of a goddess that is mines, let’s just play….

My Quest

I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I came to the cross roads and looked at all the avenues. I had to choose one, to cruise at the altitude, where I didn’t want to get bruised. But I got hit harder than ever before. I saw the eyes look at me and burrowed a whole in my…

Perfect Ruin

She was beautiful, living stress free. That’s the way I wanted to be and that’s the girl I wanted to be with. She’s fine in every way. From her head to her toes, she’s well equipped every day. But it was hard for me to muster up my courage. I felt weak, as if I…


What does success mean to you? What is the reason you want to achieve that height? We all see the light at the end of the tunnel. What will you see when you arrive? Close your eyes. Think back to a time when you had a vision in mind. Did you leave it behind? Did…


Why are we fighting? You are lightening, furious, thunderous & full of energy. I am the grass of delicacy. Reluctantly, trying to ease the tension through credibility. Sensing the calm before the storm. Preparing for the inevitable. I am susceptible to the results of your actions. Yet, I stay. Waiting for the moment the rays…

Poetry IS Motion: Mind, Body & Soul

Poetry IS Motion: Mind, Body & Soul Album OUT NOW!!!


Our journey begins today. We fell in love years ago and we stand here on our Wedding day. This is beyond a caption. This is pure passion. Today marks the day that we start a new chapter in our lives. Forget two separate books, we are now, combined. Our stories are intertwined. Smiling from ear…

Virus the Poet Quotes

MY LOVE FOR YOU GREW LIKE FLOWERS IN A MEADOW THAT DRIFT – excerpt from the poem, “Long Awaited”.


Life is all about hope. The growth is evident as you eventually soak up all this sun and shine. Gloomy days come to pass by and drift just as fast as they arrive. The tests you face will show you the best and worst of you. The challenges are never ending but they’re ever sending….

Virus the Poet Quotes

There is progress in every chapter. As long as you capture the moment & live within in.


Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Forever on a mission. Forget the transition. We need the friction. We created the description. Not deception. We are the creation. We can only go up. Ask those with Ambition.

Poetry IS Motion: Mind, Body & Soul Album OUT NOW!!!

Virus the Poet – Poetry IS Motion: Mind, Body & Soul Don’t just listen to the lines, Read between them…   The album has officially dropped on all MAJOR platforms. Go stream this amazing piece of ART through your music provider.   Major platforms include: Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora, …

Virus the Poet Quotes

Rest. Relax. Reflect.


I fell from grace and I landed on land. Got up on my feet and hit the button, not to retreat. But that’s why we are unique. I did not let the situation control me. I brushed off my shoulder but let it scold me. It’s a reminder of the times that we’ve been through…


You can never be too motivated. Others around might try to stiffen your engagement. This is where patience becomes practice. No antics, just tactics. Dumb down the semantics. Let them be frantic. This is gigantic thinking, no sinking, we stay swimming. Treading above water as they keep skimming. We are scheming, trying to develop context…


Saw fresh soil so I planted my seed. I wanted to grow tall through sunshine as I feed. I meant to soak in water through all my leaves. Food for my roots as they are my sleeves I try to mount this ground right. The secret; putting up a good fight. All light, no darkness….

Velvet Love aka Sessions

Let’s make an arrangement In the kitchen, move to the bed under the blanket Let me sink in from your lips to the toes. I know, ride slow and let the hearts beat as we both glide and go. You rose. Smell as amazing as the day we met. I caught the corner of your…

Social Cast

How are we all so connected yet disconnected more than ever before? We have all been affected whether you were conscious or not. This has gone above, beyond the top. The emotionless net. Yet, we are always preeing, trying to see what others are doing. Unfortunately, all you’re consuming are the social platforms that show…